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Universal Soldier The Return 1999 BluRay 480p 260MB Action Sci-Fi Hollywood Full Movie Free Download And Watch Online-HD Movies-300MB

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Full Movie Name: Universal Soldier The Return 1999 BluRay 480p 260MB

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 4.1/10 From 24,481

Genres: Action | Sci-Fi

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 20 August 1999 (USA)

Director: Mic Rodgers
Writers: Richard Rothstein (characters), Christopher Leitch (characters)
Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bill Goldberg, Heidi Schanz

Duration: 83 Minutes
Size: 257MB


Luc Devereaux, the only surviving member of the original Universal Soldier Team. He now works with Dylan Cotner, on a project to create and improve a new Universal Soldier. Their plan is for the Universal soldier or UNISOLS to be controlled by a computer they call SETH. When the government decides to terminate the project, which includes shutting down SETH. SETH, not wanting this to happen, takes steps to prevent this. He first kills Dylan. He then has himself transfered into a body. He then seeks out Luc Devereaux, who is the only person who knows the code that will stop his program from being deleted. So he sends out all the UNISOLS to get him. Luc must try and stay away until SETH program is deleted. But SETH has targeted his daughter as possible leverage.
Reviews: Jean-Claude Van Damme has been in about a film a year for 15 years now, and has been the star performer in those films since 1985’s No Retreat, No Surrender.
That’s no mean achievement and shows that this action movie star has a market for his skills, as limited as they might be. The formula isn’t Van Damme’s alone but he’s certainly the most prolific of the action movie stars.
Silvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Steven Segal, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are the best known of the action stars but with the exception of Chan, Van Damme is the one who seems to be still most actively in the business. And these sorts of films are much less popular than they used to be.
Jean-Claude is a terrible actor and his film world is simplistic. One can only assume that his fans wish that the real world was like his.
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