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Movie Information

Full Movie Name: BachelorParty 1984 HEVC BluRay 100MB x265

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 6.3/10 From 30,791
Genres: Comedy

Director: Neal Israel
Writers: Bob Israel (story), Neal Israel (screenplay)
Stars: Tom Hanks, Tawny Kitaen, Adrian Zmed

Duration: 105 Minutes
Size: 139 MB

Storyline of BachelorParty 1984 HEVC BluRay 100MB x265

Rick Gassko is about to marry Debbie Thompson. Her parents hate him. Her old boyfriend hates him. They all have money and he gets a cut of the crap games on the Catholic school bus that he drives. His friends decide to give him the bachelor party of all bachelor parties in an expensive hotel with booze, adult movies and hookers. As the players catch wind of the elements of the party, each adds a little monkey wrench so that one set of hookers ends up giving demos at the bride’s shower, the brides friends end up dressed as hookers in a room with a number of non English speaking Japanese businessmen, and so on, as things get out of hand.


This is one of those typical silly early ’80’s comedies, that features lots of immature teenage type of lame humor and nudity and sex jokes.

No, this by no means is a great movie and it also is hardly the best the genre has to offer but it’s a movie that simply serves its purpose and brings some good entertainment.

The movie features dozens of silly and over-the-top characters, who are the main reason why this movie is such a maintaining and silly entertaining one to watch. It features Tom Hanks in an early comical movie role and it actually is sort of a shame he doesn’t do movies like this anymore, since he certainly was very talented at it. Not that I mind the movies that he does now days of course but it at the same time is also a waste of his comical talent.

The movie also tries to feature some more serious elements, that concentrated on what it means to be married. Not that this works out horrible for the movie but it of course is also distracting a bit from what the movie is really truly about; simple immature comedy. Further more there is very little story actually and it simply features on the events during and around a bachelor party.

The movie is so silly, simplistic and immature that you just can’t help being entertained by it all. No matter how bad and cheesy it all gets, you can’t help laughing at this movie. Some comical moments are just plain great.

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